Kington’s rush to volunteer

The numbers of men from Kington and the local area who responded to the call to arms and enlisted at the Kington recruiting office were incredible.

On the first day of recruiting -5th,September,1914 – alone, the following enlisted:

S.J.Prosser, Upcott, Almeley; W.H.Saunders, Hurstley, Kinnersley; W.Wakefield, Nieuport Hall, Almeley; Albert Turner, Arrow Lodge, Kington; A.Evans, Downfield, Kington; T.Sargent, Mill St. Kington; T.Hatton, Square, Kington; Bert Hamer, Kington; H.J.Meredith, Kington; Ernest Mills, Knill Court,Kington; George Meadows, Kington; Two bros Powell, Huntington; G.H.Walton, Metropolitan Bank, Kington; W.Evans, Bradnor; G.Cook, Floodgates; L.B.Bosworth, New Radnor; G.Shean, Eywood,Titley.

Over the following weeks and months many more were to follow.

Kington Volunteers 1914

Kington Volunteers 1914


Farewell to Kington’s first volunteers

This picture shows men of ‘D’ Company, the 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment. The men are possibly shown here saying their farewells to their families at Kington railway station before their departure to war.

This picture shows men of ‘D’ Company, the 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment. The men are possibly shown here saying their farewells to their families at Kington railway station before their departure to war.

Kington Times 1914

8th August 1914.

Kington Notes:

50 National Reservists parade in Rec.-regulations read & explained.

Boy Scouts to act as stretcher bearers & despatch carriers.

Red Cross Soc. about 30 cadets offer to go abroad.

12 cars available for use in this area.


15th August,1914.

Kington War Relief  Fund set up.


22nd August 1914.

Recruiting Drive.

War Relief meeting cont.


5th September 1914.

Kington Men who have enlisted.

S.J. Prosser, Upcott, Almeley.

W.H. Saunders, Hurstley, Kinnersley

W. Wakefield, Nieuport Hall, Almeley.

Albert Turner, Arrow Lodge, Kington.–made a lance-corp.

A. Evans, Downfield, Kington.

T. Sargent, Mill St. Kington.

T. Hatton, Square, Kington.

Bert Hamer, Kington.

H.J. Meredith, Kington.

Ernest Mills, Knill Court, Kington.

George Meadows, Kington.

Two bros Powell, Huntington.

G.H. Walton, Metropolitan Bank, Kington.

W. Evans, Bradnor.

G. Cook, Floodgates.

L.B. Bosworth, New Radnor.

G.Shean, Eywood, Titley.

District Notes

From London Gazette-officers promotions.


12th September 1914.

Kington Notes.

More volunteers:

Harold Ravenhill, Kington.

Richard Griffiths, Kington.

Harold George Rogers, Kington.



Pte. Wm. George Bullock, Bullocks Mill, Kington.

Wilfred Cope, Floodgates, Kington.

Wm. Evans, Bradnor Hill, Kington.

Albert Jones, Lane Cottage, Lyonshall

Wm. Morgan, Titley Court.

Edgar Price, Newton, Kington.

Hubert Frank Padmore, 14 High St, Kington.

Wm. Price, Lyonshall

Geo. Albert Shean, Eywood, Titley.


Foreign Service volunteers.

Pte. John Edgar Bromley, Lyonshall

Albert Victor Barlow, Upper Newton, Kinnersley

George Alfred Ball, Dolyhir, Kington.

Edwin John Dykes, Almeley.

Edwards, 41 High St, Kington.

Edward Falconer, 23 Mill St, Kington.

Stanley George, Kington.

Thomas Hatton, Terrace, Kington.

Charles Holtham, 43 Homend St, Kington.

Robert Jones, Lower Newton, Kinnersley.

Fred Jones, Railway Hotel, Kington.

Charles Henry Marshall, High Gardens, Eardisley.

Sidney James Rosser, Eardisley.

Wm.Sergeant,23,Mill St, Kington.

Wm. Henry Saunders, Hurstley, Kinnersley.

Wm. Smith, Duke St, Kington.

Albert Wm. Turner, Arrow Lodge, Kington.

John Turner, Mount Pleasant, Kington.

Wm. Wakefield, Nieuport House, Almeley.

John Williams, Broxwood Court.

Wm. James Weaver, Lower Newton, Eardisley


19th September,1914.

Kington Notes.

Kington Eisteddfod cancelled due to war.


John Danzie Locke of Kington.

Albert J. Thomas of Kington.

George F. Thomas of Kington.



Joseph Jones, Old Radnor.

Harold Whiting of Titley Court.

Robert Wall of Eardisley


Foreign Service

Thomas Charles Dufty  of Brilley

Reginald Pritchard, Broxwood Court.


Lamp lighter A. Rogers now in army-appointed own son to do job until Rogers returns.


10th October 1914.

List of volunteers for reserve battalion.

Alfred Bright Bowen, Hawthorn Cottage, Llanfairwaterdine, Radnorshire

Wm. Rees, Eywood, Titley.


For overseas service with ASC

H.O. Addis, fitter Kington.

F.G. Chambers, clerk, Kington.

T. Lewis, grocer, Eardisley.

F.G. Payne, miller, Staunton on Arrow.

W.J. Williams, postman, Pembridge.


17th October 1914.

Pembridge: 2 new recruits

J. Williams of Luntley

Bert Jones of Bearwood joined ASC.


24th October 1914.

Volunteers for Hereford Reg.

Thomas Drew, Church Terrace, Almeley.

John Davies, Newton, Kington.

Henry Keen, The Wych, Kington.

John Morgan, 49 Bridge St, Kington.

Ernest Arthur Ratcliffe, Lyonshall, Kington.

Jas Vaughan, 23 Victoria Rd, Kington.

F.C. Jones, stone mason.


Volunteers for ASC.

Henry T. Holder, Kington.

Frederick Hamer of Kington.

Charles Ken Evans of Kington.

Charles Herbert Cripps of Kington.

Wilfred John Powell of Kington.

Charles Taylor of Kington.

Sylvanus Watkins of Kington.


Members of National reserve who have joined ASC.

Isaac Fletcher, Ebnal.


31st October 1914.


List of subscriptions to War Relief Fund.


Meeting of Kington War Relief Committee to consider a public appeal in Kington.

Public Notice issued.

Volunteers for Kitchener’s Army:

 Samson Griffiths, Pembridge. 2nd Glos. Reg.


7th November 1914.

Kington Notes

Men of D. company of 1st battalion Herefordshire Reg. who have been assessed as fit  and inoculated for foreign service:-

Col. Sergeant W.J. Chipp


Transport Sergts

L/Lewis,  A. Davies,  E. Hamlet,  J. Connop (Eardisley)



A Tudor, T. Evans.



C. Vaughan, M. Phillips, A, Jones, H. Evans.



A. Bobb, Dolyhir,


E. Bromley, Lyonshall

G.O. Davies

E. Burt, Eardisley.


Transport Corporal.

A. Dykes.



T. Dykes, Almeley

E. Falconer

B. Hargest, Dolyhir

W. Drew         S. George                   A. Jenkins.

R. East, Eardisley       B. Griffiths      E Jones.

C. Evans, Dolyhir       H. Harper       F. Jones

J. Jones(Almeley)       A. Jewes          F. Parker.

S. Knight(Eardisley)   C. Marshall(Eardisley)

S. Prosser(Eardisley)

T. Knight(Eardisley)

F. Morgan       A. Rogers        C. Langford    A. Morgan (Broxwood)

W. Saunders (Eardisley)       W. Smith         H. Wesley

W. Trumpeter (Eardisley)     L. Stokes (Dolyhir)

B. Trumpeter (Eardisley)      G. Williams (Eardisley)

G. Williams (Eardisley)          S. Tipton         J. Turner

A. Williams (Radnor)              F. Townsend (Radnor)

L. Weaver                                   P. Yates.


F company

H. Jones,         J. Turner.


A company

W. Turner


C company

W. Evans


Recruiting meeting held in Burton Hall.


14th November 1914.

Recruits to ASC.

Thomas M. Breakwell, Pembridge.

Alfred Edward Davies, Pembridge.

 J.A.M. Skillicorn, 7 Oxford Terrace, Kington.

Pte. Henry Downes Beddoes, 26 Church St, Kington. Herefordshire Reg.


21st November 1914.

Recruits for Kitchener’s Army.

 A.S.P. East, Eardisley,           RGA

J. Probert ,Lyonshall.            SWB

W.J. Pugh, Almeley.               RGA

G. Williams, Eardisley.           ASC

W.E. Bailey, Eardisley.           ASC

W.J. Phillips, Pembridge.       RGA.


Recruits for Herefordshire Regiment.

E. Abell, Kington.

W.E. Baker, Mill Green, Kington.

J.V. Hitch, Bridge St, Kington.

E.A. Potter, Kingswood.


5th December 1914.

Kington Notes.

Various fund raising for war refugees etc.

Procession in Kington collecting funds for Princess Mary’s Fund for servicemen’s Xmas gifts.


Recruits for Army

Reuben Williams, Lyonshall, KSLI.


26th December 1914.

Promotions in 1st Herefordshire Reg.-area of origin unknown

Corp.>.acting Sergt.

G. Brown.

S.F. Pullen

W.J. Powell

W.J. Wood



L.F. Seabrook.

T. Wargent

W.C. Langford

W.F. Davies


Ptes >l/corporal

J. Prince

O.J. Davies

J.A. Barles

H.R. Turner.